About Addiction

What Is Addiction?

It is important to understand that addiction is not a failure of morals, a simple choice, or a flaw of character. Also classified as a Substance Use Disorder, addiction significantly affects our bodies. In particular, it has to a lot to do with our brain chemistry. Our human brain is wired to signal reward once we do something that seems pleasurable. Activities such as exercise, eating, and listening to your favorite music are directly linked to the cause of these pleasurable feelings released in the form of the chemical dopamine.


This not only makes us feel good, but causes encouraging desires to continue with the activity through repetition. When someone uses a substance, such as opioids or alcohol, they produce even greater levels of dopamine which signals to our brain encouragement of repeating usage. Over time, these increased levels of dopamine released become amplified by the substances themselves and the brain can no longer keep up with the natural production of dopamine to satisfy itself.

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