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What is Addiction Outpatient Treatment? 

No one should ever have to feel alone in their addiction recovery. If you need a part-time program, our outpatient treatment for opioid use disorder could be the right fit. Patients at Hope for Tomorrow can get the help they deserve within their schedule through our Point Pleasant outpatient rehabilitation. 

Outpatient treatment is often best for people with a mild to moderate addiction. Though every case differs, we may recommend outpatient services if you need time outside of rehab to continue working or parenting. With this flexibility, you can begin to weave sobriety into your everyday schedule and make it part of your routine. Join our team at Hope for Tomorrow to start the path to recovery that you deserve. We offer outpatient treatment for opioid addiction and prescription drug use, among other conditions.

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Convenient outpatient rehab treatment that is committed to your recovery from addiction.

Patients who get their start in our Outpatient Therapy program have the flexibility to seek treatment at either our Point Pleasant campus or one of our trusted affiliate AppleGate Recovery clinics in Martinsburg or Charleston. Next, you will meet with a medical provider who will review your health history in detail and then perform a medical assessment of treatment needs. Appointment frequency will be dependent upon multiple factors as determined by your medical provider. Your provider will work with you on determining if Suboxone®  Sublocade or  Vivitrol® will be the most effective medication based on your overall health, lifestyle and drug of choice. Once you and your provider have determined the best course of treatment, your prescription will electronically be sent and filled at a local pharmacy of your choice.

As part of our comprehensive outpatient treatment program, you will be assigned a professional master’s level therapist to meet with weekly in order to address the root causes of your addiction. It is proven that Medication-Assisted Treatment coupled with substance abuse counseling has positive outcomes for sustaining long-term recovery. The convenience and support that we offer through Outpatient Therapy will help you to build back the lost hope from addiction.

Outpatient Therapy for Drug Addiction at Hope For Tomorrow

At our outpatient addiction treatment center, we work to provide the best possible treatment for your recovery process. For many patients at our Point Pleasant facility, outpatient rehab is ideal. Your needs are our priority, so we present both outpatient and residential addiction treatment programs as options for your convenience. Your decision will determine the cost, schedule and course of treatment at our clinic.

People choose our outpatient treatments for opioid addiction in Point Pleasant for the:

  • Convenience: Many ideal candidates for outpatient treatment are those who can’t take time off from work or parenting. If you are the primary caregiver for your children or elderly loved ones, you need treatment that works in your schedule. We do our best to accommodate these needs with excellent outpatient care.
  • Part-time flexibility: In an outpatient program, it is up to you to show up for your counseling sessions and medical appointments. This responsibility can be excellent practice for patients to recover within their typical schedule. When your program ends, it can feel like second nature to continue your sobriety goals.
  • Comprehensive care: You will still have access to our full selection of rehabilitation services in outpatient treatment. You can address your substance use disorder through a complete treatment plan, from medically assisted detox to individual therapy. No matter the program, our patients can get the medical and psychological care they deserve to enjoy life again. 

Our Outpatient Drug Rehab Services in Point Pleasant

When you choose our local outpatient rehab facility, you can feel confident on your path to sobriety. Our team welcomes new patients for various recovery programs, including opioid, methamphetamine and prescription drug addiction. We value your time at our clinic, whether you’re here seven days a week or part-time. 

In every aspect of care, we provide compassionate, individualized solutions. We know what it takes to get here, so we’ll help you make the most of your outpatient rehabilitation program for opioid use disorder. You can feel comfortable creating sobriety goals alongside our outstanding team of physicians, therapists and staff. Change your life with outpatient drug addiction treatment.

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At Hope for Tomorrow, we make it easy to get the treatment you need with various programs. Our team has not only experience in clinical training, but have been where you are in wanting to recover from the disease of addiction. Discover your options for outpatient rehabilitation in Point Pleasant today.

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