Addiction Treatment for Couples

Whether one or both individuals in a couple are struggling with addiction, treatment is available for healing and growing together. At Hope For Tomorrow, we can help guide both of you through a customized treatment program to meet your needs.

The Importance of Attending Treatment Together

An addiction treatment program can be useful for you and your partner, especially in the following circumstances:

  • Drug use is one of the only activities you do together.
  • Responsibilities are neglected, such as child care or housework.
  • Substance use triggers verbal or physical violence.

If you both are committed to making a change, attending a drug rehab program together can give you the accountability you need to succeed. Motivation for a happier, healthier relationship is a crucial factor in recovery success. A program can provide you with opportunities to adjust your current lifestyle and routines around events or situations that could trigger a relapse.

Couples Drug Rehab Programs

Often, an individual or both members of a couple can turn to drug use because of existing relationship issues. In turn, drug use can cause a complicated relationship. Drug use can create an unhealthy cycle that can only be broken with the right guidance and support — such as a drug rehab program specifically designed for couples.


Couples who attend a residential inpatient program together can experience individualized recovery plans around the clock. This accountability allows for individual couples therapy and group therapy alongside other couples going through similar situations.

While couples are admitted together, they will stay in separate rooms to encourage personal growth opportunities in addition to coupled activities. However, we do try to keep a couple’s individual rooms in close proximity.

In an inpatient environment, couples can learn skills to grow with one another and begin analyzing how drug use is affecting their lifestyle. Team members will then help the couples through real-world situations to prevent relapse and encourage a healthy relationship outside the program.


A couples outpatient program provides flexibility within individual schedules, allowing each person to attend sessions while maintaining a job or other responsibilities. While outpatient services are only part-time, couples can still access a full selection of rehabilitation services and a complete treatment plan. 

Couples can attend an outpatient program as their first step toward recovery or enroll following the completion of an inpatient program. Either way, outpatient treatment allows couples to seek recovery while testing their learned skills in real time after they leave a session. At Hope For Tomorrow, we recognize your other responsibilities and do our best to accommodate them alongside effective outpatient care.


Our counseling services for couples include behavioral couples therapy (BCT) that strengthens relationships, creating a happier, healthier and more communicative environment. Work through addiction together, discover its origin and treat it at the root to encourage growth and facilitate productive conversations.

There are also group therapy options for both members of a couple to attend individually. While it is important for the couple to experience treatment together with a counselor, group therapy provides an individual with a safe space to open up and talk with others in similar situations. Group therapy can create trusted friendships and accountability partners to help motivate recovery and lasting sobriety.

Continued Care

Some couples feel they need continued accountability and support after completing a full treatment program. Continued care programs allow couples to continue going to therapy and help reduce the risk of relapse while individuals adjust to a regular routine. Couples tend to opt for a continued care program for extra guidance, especially if their personal lives lack a strong support system.

Continued care programs will surround the couple with the familiar faces of therapists who already know them and their stories. The Hope For Tomorrow team will help each couple create a personalized continuing care plan and offer services as an ongoing resource in their lives.

Build a Happier and Healthier Life Together With Hope For Tomorrow

Hope For Tomorrow is a drug rehab center that provides personalized treatment plans for couples struggling with addiction. Our programs are intensive and supportive, offering a healthy environment for couples to recover and strengthen their relationship. Specifically, this can be done through various treatment options, including couples therapy and medication-assisted treatment.

Hope For Tomorrow has a private location tucked away in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Contact our main location today to learn more about how our couples drug rehab programs can help.