West Virginia Continuing Care Program

Your care for addiction not only starts here, but remains here for as long as you need. 

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In the final stage of discharge planning, all patients will be presented with Hope For Tomorrow’s personalized continuing care plan. Our care for you continues beyond the point of admission and treatment. We hope to be an ongoing resource in your life. The process of developing your unique continuing care plan takes all needs into account from a substance use, mental health, and physical health standpoint. We will sit down with you and assess from your point of view what strengths, interests, and positive attributes you possess as well as what risky situations and triggers may distract you from your recovery goals. All of these insights about you and your recovery will be used to create a personalized continuing care plan. After completing residential recovery treatment, patients are always encouraged to continue their treatment on an outpatient basis as part of their goal to gain lasting recovery.

Our Point Pleasant OBOT and two complementary AppleGate recovery clinics in Martinsburg and Charleston offer a range of services to assist you in those goals including medication-assisted treatment as well as substance use counseling. Hope is always an option. We look forward to supporting your goal of enjoying life again.

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Our team has not only experience in clinical training, but have been where you are in wanting to recover from the disease of addiction.

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