Welcome to Hope For Tomorrow! We are happy you are here and beginning to take the necessary steps toward recovery. Learn more about what to expect for check-in, treatment plans and programs.

Rehab Check-In

Once you arrive at our facility, our friendly and welcoming clinical team will have you complete admission and intake forms. These documents will allow us to get to know you better and provide baseline data for us to monitor your future progress.

We will need to complete a search through your belongings to ensure you and those around you will be safe during the program. Please refrain from bringing any of the following items:

  • Drug paraphernalia or contraband.
  • Alcohol, including toiletries containing alcohol.
  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Large electronics.

However, we do encourage you to bring small necessities that will remind you of your home while still reducing outside distractions. These include hobby items, reading materials and sentimental objects.

After the search is complete, we will lead you to your shared room so you can adjust to your new home during the program.

What to Expect During Addiction Treatment

From this point, you will begin your customized treatment plan, which includes medical care appointments and therapy sessions.

Medical Care

Hope For Tomorrow offers 24/7 medical care services to monitor your healing and progress. When you first arrive, we will perform a medical evaluation to ensure we choose the right program to meet your needs.

One of the primary residential treatment options we use is medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This is mainly utilized for opioid use, helping to curb withdrawal and encourage normal bodily functioning. However, it is not limited to opioid use — our care team can prescribe MAT for several substance use disorders, using medications like Suboxone® or Vivitrol®.

Therapy Sessions

Drug use can go beyond a physical dependence — even after a physical recovery, an individual may relapse from a triggering psychological event. By pairing medical care with therapy, Hope For Tomorrow can address and treat the root cause of addiction.

In a residential program, you will attend one-on-one therapy sessions with a masters-level therapist. Our treatment team often uses a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach to help you identify and cope with addiction-related challenges. You will learn skills to change negative thinking and project your emotions into healthier coping mechanisms.

Hope For Tomorrow also believes in growing as a community. In addition to individual therapy, we offer group therapy to allow patients to share their stories and encourage and empathize with others. This group therapy schedule is held daily to build community and accountability in a judgment-free environment.

Begin Your Journey Toward a Better Life Today

At Hope For Tomorrow, we wish to help you succeed in any way we can. As soon as you check in, you become a member of our family, and we look forward to your stay. Please feel free to contact our team with any questions and begin the healing process.