Medication-Assisted Treatment Programs (MAT)

At Hope For Tomorrow, we believe in a whole-patient approach to your recovery. To heal the physical aspect of your addiction, we may recommend medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT uses Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved medication to ease the recovery process as your body acclimates to sobriety. When used in tandem with counseling, medication-assisted treatment can be an effective step toward lifelong recovery.

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Choose Medication-Assisted Recovery in Your Area

We typically recommend medication-assisted treatment for opioid, prescription drug or alcohol addiction. Though every case differs, MAT can make the detox and post-detox process more comfortable for patients. Our medications are administered under professional supervision and only prescribed when necessary. 

Our Point Pleasant patients can choose medication-assisted treatment for many drug addictions. We often serve people recovering from opioid use disorder because of its high relapse rate. With medication-assisted treatment, we experience better recovery retention. 

How Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction Works

Medication-assisted treatment aims to eliminate your body’s physical dependence on the addictive drug. Detoxing can create painful withdrawal symptoms without medication. MAT eases the process. 

The FDA has approved three drugs for MAT — buprenorphine, methadone and naltrexone. These medications are partial or full opioid antagonists, meaning they block the receptors in your brain from achieving a normal high. Your prescription for medication-assisted recovery depends on the severity of your addiction and the type of drug you use.

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Our Point Pleasant Medication-Assisted Treatment for Drug Addiction

At Hope For Tomorrow, we serve Point Pleasant with medication-assisted treatment for pain pill and opioid addiction. Our MAT patients benefit from a personalized treatment plan alongside their prescription. When you arrive for your medical evaluation, we will address your recovery needs and present options for medication-assisted treatment:

  • Suboxone®: Suboxone® is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone, and it works by blocking the opioid receptors from releasing dopamine. Patients can take Suboxone® strips throughout their detox for fewer cravings and a more comfortable withdrawal.
  • Vivitrol®: Vivitrol® is an injectable medication made with naltrexone. We may recommend Vivitrol® for post-detox patients in recovery who have a higher chance of relapse. 

Well-Rounded Medication-Assisted Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

Medication-assisted treatment is just one aspect of our comprehensive care program. At Hope For Tomorrow, we address each patient’s needs with physical and psychological treatment. Whether or not you require our medication-assisted treatment for drug use disorder, you can also expect:

  • Individual therapy: Our master’s level therapists will work with you to set goals and address any co-occurring disorders.
  • Group counseling: Our small-group counseling sessions are excellent opportunities to learn and grow alongside your peers.
  • Ongoing care: No matter your treatment, you are welcome to take advantage of our aftercare resources throughout your recovery.

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We have the tools to help you through your unique recovery journey. You can visit our Point Pleasant clinic to begin medication-assisted treatment for opioid use or drug addiction. Call 304-857-6494 for more information!

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